15 Items that should be tackled when dealing with enterprise applications

on Tuesday, 01 January 2013. Posted in Blog, Enterprise Architecture

Planning to implement an enterprise application such as SAP or Oracle you needs proper validations and requirements. Here is what I recommend as a preliminary checklist:

Scope Checklist

Item # Description Due Date Recommended Action Date Completed
1 Project scope is clearly documented.      
2 Project scope is clearly understood.      
3 A project charter has been developed and signed off by Deloitte and by the client.      
4 The project charter follows project management guidelines.      
5 The project charter is inclusive enough to cover risk.      
6 The project charter is reviewed and updated as needed.      
7 A scope management strategy is in place.      
8 A change request process exists.      
9 A change request log exists and is regularly updated.      
10 A file is maintained of change request forms.      
11 The impact of change requests is determined through quantitative analysis and is fully documented.      
12 A change control and tracking process and tool is in place.      
13 A process exists for communicating project scope and scope changes to team members.      
14 The status of change requests is regularly communicated to the project team and steering committees.      
15 The financial impact of scope changes is accurately determined.      


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