7 greatest challenges you can face on your consulting project

on Tuesday, 01 January 2013. Posted in Project Management, Blog


Every project comes with some baggage here are some challenges you may face on your project:


1. Setting good customer requirements, project expectation by balancing cost, quality and time. This usually centers on the client requirements communicated but the usual issue is what he has not communicated.


2. Getting the team motivated usually not a problem but when it becomes an issue, projects may miss their deadlines.


3. Managing change throughout the project, scope creeping and project changes must be handled in a systematic fashion.

4. Communication issues – misinterpretation, email, verbal


5. Non-constructive work environments

6. Finding the right balance between when to make decisions democratically and when to simply make the decision yourself

7 Defining clear metrics for project success (deadline, implementation, cost…)  


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