Oracle R12 upgrade preparations highlights

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In preparation for an Oracle R12 upgrade, work is focused in three areas: testing, code remediation, and transition preparation. The testing effort willbe performed, over the coming months, exercise every key function of the system multiple times, involving many testers from various departments. 


Code remediation is the process by which system enhancements and customizations that work under Oracle actual version and modified to work with Oracle upgraded version. Usually thousands of code objects must be evaluated, modified, and tested prior to being delivered for integrated testing. Transition preparation includes many of the steps necessary for a successful and smooth upgrade, such as installing upgraded server hardware, training preparation, and communicating with the end user community.


What kind of changes and disruptions can you expect? Upgrades of complex systems are not without risks and impacts, but mitigating those risks and planning for the impacts is at the core of any upgrade project.


The overall user experience should not change much.


The primary impact of the transition to a newer Oracle R12 version is most likely be the need for a system outage, sometimes referred to as a “dark period.” This is a time during which Oracle and some other applications will be unavailable for either data entry or viewing. The implementation team must work to minimize the duration and impact of the outage, but with my experience the ballpark figure for very large global systems is five days—a weekend plus three working days.It is important to be up-front about this disruption with your client, for smaller clients it can be done over a long weekend.


I will finish up by saying a successful upgrade has 3 milestones.


  • Repeatability, and lots of testing
  • Upfront with the client
  • Senior consultants and personnel who are well aware of the intricacies of the Oracle applications.

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