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Amazon Echo and the Future of The Connected Home

on Monday, 17 October 2016. Posted in Social Media - Linkedin - Twitter Accounts - YouTube

Amazon Echo and the Future of The Connected Home

It’s the type of lifestyle that movies and TV shows of the past could only depict – average people living with machines and robots in their house that had conversations with them and performed tasks. And while our life today might not necessarily look like a scene from the Jetson’s, our technology is proving to be a lot more advanced than we could have ever dreamed a decade ago. It started with personal computers in the home that let us access all sorts of information and perform tasks online. Then it shifted to smartphones allowing us to do the same (plus more) from practically anywhere with the touch of a finger. But now the latest technology is not even requiring us to lift a finger! 

I’ve been using Amazon Echo in my home for the past six months and I must say that this technology is quite remarkable. As voice-controlled artificial intelligence, I don’t even have to press a button to ask this machine to perform a task for me:

Originally published on linkedin, full article with the videos


Twitter/Linkedin/Youtube/ Accounts

on Tuesday, 01 January 2013. Posted in Social Media - Linkedin - Twitter Accounts - YouTube

The feedback from Twitter has been great, the 2 way communication has been great and my messages  have been well received by others. 

I also find twitter to be a brilliant channel for breaking news, asking questions, and attaining one step of separation from public figures or anyone you would like to follow. No other communications channel can match its capacity for real-time, person-to-person broadcasting.

My Twitter Account: @AlexAntonatos  

If you’ve never visited it before, LinkedIn is a professional networking website. Users set up their profiles that consist of location, education and work history, skills, website links and other details – a digital resume. Once your profile is set up you may interact with colleagues or want to start expanding your network. The concept of linkedin is like the six degrees concept.

My Linkedin Account:  AlexAntonatos

These groups have grown to some of the largest groups in the sector.

North America Big 4 Consultants

Oracle Applications and Technology Consultants

Youtube has impressed me since I created my account in January 2013 great content out theyre and my videos have received great reviews from the global community. I believe as we move forward in 2013, video will continue its phenomenal growth as it slowly replaces the conventional TV and corporations will begin maximizing use of Youtube to reach the masses , as a visual communication channel. (currently using the free version) that imports your linkedin information in a visual friendly manner. A paid version exists that offers additional interesting features with analytics.




Tips to Thrive in Our Knowledge Based Economy

on Tuesday, 01 January 2013. Posted in Social Media - Linkedin - Twitter Accounts - YouTube


Consultancy is becoming a popular career choice for many who want to take greater control of their future; being your own boss is an attractive proposition and in today’s economy where ‘knowledge is king’ there are many individuals who feel that they can make a very good living by selling their particular knowledge specialty.

Here are some tips:

If you’re a business, consultant or employee that doesn’t have a website, you do not stand a chance, and those prospective customers need to be able to find you online.

Every so often I get asked if blogging still matters now that we have Tumblr, Facebook and Twitter. That question used to disturb me greatly until I started making this distinction.

No, the act of blogging itself does not matter anymore, but the act of consistently creating education based content that is easy for search engines to find and index, easy to share, attracts links, create a searchable body of work on a subject has never, ever been more important in our new social media generation that should be with us in my view for at least the next decade.

The blog benefits are visibility, the more you write, the better the chances you’ll get searched by your customers/clients. Credibility,  If you don’t come across as being a credible source of information, your customers are going to have a difficult time opening their wallets to your business.

Quality information will always outweigh quantity. Because there’s loads of content on the Internet, yours has got to stand out if it is going to be seen. Second-rate articles will fall by the wayside, but something that’s well written, engaging and informative will rise to the top of the pile. It’s not about you it’s about sharing your knowledge and experience.

One personal example on Twitter I have over 12000 followers, this suggests I am an influencer and one who’s message is well received by others. On a regular basis when I post new content onto my website, I receive feedback by email, this has created a 2 way communication tool with my followers, I make sure to reply back to all communication received This is how you meet and engage with your followers, build relationships, solve problems and make business deals. Folks who rarely reply to others and instead use Twitter as a soapbox for their own ends aren’t going to earn a lot of respect. It has also helped me to get other contract opportunities; provided me guest contribution articles onto other websites and regular speaking opportunities on different topics.





Last point in our knowledge base economy, always ask yourself these 3 questions:

1. Why should someone hire you or buy from you, rather than one of your competitors?

2. How many of your clients or customers regularly recommend you, via a word of mouth referral, or hire you back for another project?

If you are not seeing a steady flow of referrals from your existing clients, you must find out why and fix it. Find out who your most prolific referrers are and learn why they are so keen to tell the world about you. Then, share it with your other clients.

3. How many sales leads or business enquiries does your website (or blog) generate?





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