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on Tuesday, 01 January 2013. Posted in Social Media - Linkedin - Twitter Accounts - YouTube

The feedback from Twitter has been great, the 2 way communication has been great and my messages  have been well received by others. 

I also find twitter to be a brilliant channel for breaking news, asking questions, and attaining one step of separation from public figures or anyone you would like to follow. No other communications channel can match its capacity for real-time, person-to-person broadcasting.

My Twitter Account: @AlexAntonatos  

If you’ve never visited it before, LinkedIn is a professional networking website. Users set up their profiles that consist of location, education and work history, skills, website links and other details – a digital resume. Once your profile is set up you may interact with colleagues or want to start expanding your network. The concept of linkedin is like the six degrees concept.

My Linkedin Account:  AlexAntonatos

These groups have grown to some of the largest groups in the sector.

North America Big 4 Consultants

Oracle Applications and Technology Consultants

Youtube has impressed me since I created my account in January 2013 great content out theyre and my videos have received great reviews from the global community. I believe as we move forward in 2013, video will continue its phenomenal growth as it slowly replaces the conventional TV and corporations will begin maximizing use of Youtube to reach the masses , as a visual communication channel. (currently using the free version) that imports your linkedin information in a visual friendly manner. A paid version exists that offers additional interesting features with analytics.




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