Google Glass - Augmented Reality Headgear 4 pros and 2 cons

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Google Glass - Augmented Reality Headgear 4 pros and 2 cons




This weekend I had the pleasure to test Google Glass, I think that Google's augmented reality headgear is equipped to transform everyday life. This prototype isn't the final version of Google Glass, I was told expect a public available version by the end of year at a cost between 1200-1500$.

If you want to get a beta version of the glasses here is the link:


  1. The glasses will free you from having to constantly pull out your phone for calls, emails or texts.
  2. Navigation by foot through the city is fantastic with Google Glass quite precise
  3. The recording of video quality is superb. The take a picture command worked well.
  4. Google Glass is heavily dependent on voice commands, worked quite well just received one misunderstanding error but I think it was me mumbling, very responsive.


  1. I think we may have privacy issues. Google glasses is able to record everything one sees and does.
  2. My perception Google glass the frame seems fragile and maybe easy to break.

In conclusion Google Glass hopes to be one of the newest and most innovative technologies in recent times. The world of wearable computers and augmented reality has barely been introduced, and Glass intends to be a pioneer into this field in the same way that the iPad was in the tablet industry.

Even though Google Glass is still in the development process, there are already numerous of capabilities and applications that could be very useful for consumers, such as live video and data streaming. Users will be able to utilize email, video chat such as Skype, and social networking services such as Twitter and Facebook. Looking forward to the final product!


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  • Gaurav P.

    Gaurav P.

    24 February 2013 at 20:25 |
    Thank you for sharing I live in Seattle , just applied for a pair, I think this is the next innovative technology in the consumer space. Congrats to Google, Apple missed the boat.
  • Melanie Mairot

    Melanie Mairot

    24 February 2013 at 21:04 |
    Les lunettes Google les commandes sont-il disponibles en Francais, voici la fin des telephones intelligents... et la batterie?
    • Alex Antonatos

      Alex Antonatos

      24 February 2013 at 21:20 |
      Bonjour Melanie,
      Le modèle que j'ai essailler les commandes sont seulement en Anglais, La batterie est caché dans le frame.
      Voici un video avec son utilisation:

      Voici les commandes du menu des lunettes Google

      Below is the Google Glass Home Menu:
      1. Google...
      - images of castles...
      - Panda
      - say something in a language
      2. take a picture
      3. record a video
      4. hang out with...
      5. get directions to...
  • Vladimir


    24 February 2013 at 21:51 |
    The most important point is that it runs on Android! Android is awesome compared to Apple or Microsoft. The video is amazing!
    • Alex Antonatos

      Alex Antonatos

      25 February 2013 at 01:47 |
      Hi Vladimir,
      I don't quite agree with your point. Each of those companies (Microsoft, Apple and Google) is constantly re-inventing themselves. In my humble opinion each company is working hard at staying on the upward curve, don’t underestimate Microsoft or Apple they have lots of cash and lots of smart people.
      In my household we are technology agnostic we have software/hardware from all 3 players, i do admit Android is good but so are the others, the key in the future i think is integration and my View all 3 players are on the right track. Some slightly ahead than others
      • Vladimir


        26 February 2013 at 00:00 |
        Good point, I used to be with Apple the way they Lock-you in and charge you a ridiculous price is ridiculous I just transfered to a more open ecosystem, I agree they have lots of cash.... time will tell who will win

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