Is Agile mainstream and which methodology to use when using Business Accelerators

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 Hi Alex, 

I am a regular reader of your blog and I work as you can see from my email address at a large S&P 500 company, I am having this debate internally on Agile methodology what's your view is it mainstream? 

Second question we are implementing Business accelerators with OUM 5.4 methodology which methodology should we use and why (As you see they are 2 Large Consulting Firms)? XXXXXX consulting firm is telling us the full Lifecycle Technology view and the other XXXXXX consulting firm is mentioning Solution-Driven Application Implementation View 



People often believe that they are the few that use a methodology like Agile, I am in the camp that there is broad awareness of Agile, most of the S&P 500 companies have jumped on the Agile trend, but most don’t perform the end to end Agile methodology mostly because of the nature of their business.

Some do standing morning scrums, other use user stories for testing, others use regular pre-planned sprints,  others customize the roles of scrum master, chicken and pigs.  I think Gary to answer your question almost all of us cherry pick parts of the agile methodology to fit company culture and implement some type of Agile Methodology.

Yes I believe the Agile methodology is mainstream and has been incorporated in lots of consulting and recognized IT methodologies, but way overused by management as a buzzword, I think this trend of implementation methodology buzz will be fizzling in the near future. 

To your second question: OUM (Oracle’s Unified Method) is the new version application methodology that replaces Oracle’s AIM methodology.

The answer is straight forward in your case you are using Accelerators you should use The Solution-Driven Application Implementation View this provides support for implementing commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) packaged application products, or product suites, such as Oracle E-Business Suite or PeopleSoft Enterprise, JDE etc. This view reflects a solution-driven approach to implementing packaged applications that leverages a pre-defined business solution (like Oracle Business Accelerators) as the proposed business solution and tailoring that solution to the client's specific requirements during the project.

The Technology Full Lifecycle View provides access to the material required for full lifecycle technology projects. This view provides support for custom development, fusion middleware, and technology implementations. More for focused custom development projects.


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