Project and Enterprise SOA

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It is usually necessary for practical reasons to break the SOA into different pieces; otherwise it becomes too big and complex to be useful. At least two levels of SOA (project and enterprise) are required in order to provide different levels of abstraction in an enterprise of any size.The distinction between the project SOA and the enterprise SOA is akin to the distinction between building or district architecture and city planning. While a project SOA provides an overview of the software services to be used by a particular project it also includes further details that are relevant to that project. The objective of the project architecture is to guide a particular project by declaring which existing services are to be reused and which are to be newly developed.

An enterprise SOA stretches across all the projects in an enterprise – or, more commonly, a significant sub-set of the enterprise. The objectives of the enterprise SOA are to set a vision for service orientation that transcends the traditional barriers between business and IT, taking a business-driven approach as indicated by most software providers. Individual project SOAs should conform to the enterprise SOA.

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