Setups that need to be done to get Approvals Management Access (AME) in R12.1

on Tuesday, 01 January 2013. Posted in Blog, Oracle Security and Administration


Here are the setups in point form that need to be done to get Approvals Management Access (AME) in R12.1.3


ü  Access User Management Responsibility.


ü  User Management has to be inherited through Role, as an Indirect Responsibility


ü  For this, assign “Security Administrator” Role to yourself.


ü  This Role grants inheritance of User Management Privileges to the user


ü  Assigning this through SysAdmin will not work


ü  In User Management, grant the Roles for “Approvals Management Administration” to the user.


ü  Also, grant Functional Administrator and Functional Developer roles


ü  These will grant indirect responsibilities to the user


ü  After this, Approvals Management Administrator Responsibility can be accessed.


ü  This will still not open up transaction types for viewing.


ü  For this, create the Grant to the User by following the steps below:


ü  Functional Administrator> Security>Grants>.Create Grant


ü  Do the below to ensure specifics are granted to User for accessing User Management Pages




Once your AME setups are completed the below link is a good starter point in helping with testing. How to test AME set-ups [ID 1071051.1]


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