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Hello Alex, 

We are a large mining global company in South Africa, and have mining operations in Botswana, Johannesburg, Nigeria, Asia and Europe. We have slowly been standardizing our products going from 3 ERP's to 2, 3BI to 1 and have successfully deployed SOA to help with the change.

My question or frustration should applications be choosing WSDL or REST when integrating into SOA Architecture 

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Nickens, Suppose for instance that your current service portfolio has 50 services, 30 of them may be using Web Services and the rest may be implemented using a combination of  (Representation State Transfer (REST) and Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP), or you may take the decision to use Java mechanisms. SOA does not constrain you to use Web Services, SOAP or REST.

However using Web Services is a best practice with the use of Web Service Definition language (WSDL) is the fundamental aspect of what makes a WebService not SOAP or REST.

Let me pinpoint 2 important differences:

1) With Web Services you are requesting a service, with REST you are looking for a specific resource.

2) REST typically use HTTP as the transport, where SOAP has no restriction on a particular transport.

As you are a global corporation you will require a combination of both.  The internet has lots of good information on the differences, here’s one:

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