The 5 project phases

on Tuesday, 01 January 2013. Posted in Oracle Project Suite, Blog



On any of my projects I like to follow the following 5 project phases. 1) Project Preparation 2) Business Blueprint 3) Realization 4) Final preparation 5) Go Live and Support, it has helped me mitigate and manage risks and dependencies.


1) The project is initiated and the project team consisting of the client  and consulting personnel is put in place. The project charter and scope are confirmed and documented. The project work plan is developed.


2) Business requirements are gathered and captured in a process “blueprint” for the organization. End-user training plan is developed and the detailed implementation approach is determined. An evaluation of the Client IT landscape and the projected interfaces are defined.


3) The business and process requirements are configured within the Oracle system. Technical specifications are developed and programmed. Roles are mapped, skill gaps assessed, and training materials developed.  Integration testing is executed to confirm configured functionality conforms to business requirements.


4) Testing, end user training, data conversion, production system installation and site preparation are completed. All critical open issues are resolved and the organization is prepared for the “live” environment.


5) The organization transitions from a project-oriented pre-production environment to a live production operation. A change transition assessment is conducted and post-implementation support is provided.


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