Use BPM and SOA to drive out cost

on Tuesday, 01 January 2013. Posted in BPM

One of Oracle's strategic acquisitions was BEA, it enabled to strengthen Oracle’s BPM suite of products by integrating BEA's ALBPMS product.


Companies to cut costs must look at BPM and SOA. BPM gives companies visibility in the process and SOA helps you de-couple your services.

I expect Oracle Fusion Applications to use integration with Fusion Middleware toolset and technologies; Clients will need to focus on an upgrade path / transition strategy to Oracle Fusion Apps with the use of Fusion Middleware

Since 2009, a movement towards Business Processing Management (BPM) tools to model, simulates, and measure enterprise business processes; Oracle offers Oracle Business Process Analyst (BPA) and Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) which will become key for SOA driven projects

       Exposure of business processes as web services will require increased security capabilities within a Fusion Middleware implementation, using tools such as Web Services Manager and/or Identity Management to manage, authorize, and authenticate users

       Important to leverage Oracle AIA for pre-built Process Integration packs and develop new Process Integrations based on Industry Reference Models; use of Foundation services in AIA will help reduce development effort through Enterprise Business Objects and Business ProcessesOracle plans to enable business analysts to monitor and change process flows in application integration architecture applications via Oracle BPM Suite(This will become an enormous benefit).

Proposed BPM approach Gain internal competency (build skill set), on your first BPM project use a seasoned consultant to guide the team. On a previous project we started up the business process competency center to ensure that the BPM efforts will scale to the rest of the organization

Identify processes where costs may be high and there is not a focus on measurement.Target this type of process for your first BPM project, and demonstrate tangible benefits.

Last point, a market confusion, BPM is not SOA, but that doesn’t mean they oppose one another. They are distinct yet complementary platforms, used properly, can help everyone in the company. They need each other, they are natural allies.


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