Amazon Echo and the Future of The Connected Home

on Monday, 17 October 2016. Posted in Social Media - Linkedin - Twitter Accounts - YouTube

Amazon Echo and the Future of The Connected Home

It’s the type of lifestyle that movies and TV shows of the past could only depict – average people living with machines and robots in their house that had conversations with them and performed tasks. And while our life today might not necessarily look like a scene from the Jetson’s, our technology is proving to be a lot more advanced than we could have ever dreamed a decade ago. It started with personal computers in the home that let us access all sorts of information and perform tasks online. Then it shifted to smartphones allowing us to do the same (plus more) from practically anywhere with the touch of a finger. But now the latest technology is not even requiring us to lift a finger! 

I’ve been using Amazon Echo in my home for the past six months and I must say that this technology is quite remarkable. As voice-controlled artificial intelligence, I don’t even have to press a button to ask this machine to perform a task for me:

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